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Our actuaries have provided actuarial insight and market leading services to some of the world’s most trusted insurers, re-insurers and financial services institutions.

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Our story is no different from any consulting business ensuring its clients receive the most credible service with the experience to back it up. If we had to pool together the years of experience our team of actuaries has, we could realise that from A-Z across all sectors accessing actuarial expertise, we truly are a business which is enabled to offer independent actuarial services to a multitude of clients. Whether you are a Life insurer looking for projections on products to take to market or a unit head looking for capacity in handling financial reporting for your entire division, we are more than capable of assessing your requirement, defining the path to implementing such a vision and ultimately assisting you in monitoring the ongoing successful execution of such a complex undertaking. Or even just taking on projects at short notice. With many years of practice, we welcome your innovative ideas in looking to transform the insurance, banking or reinsurance landscape. Your customer is our customer and we treat every assignment as if we were colleagues in an adjacent office. We are here to work together, pooling our collective knowledge to ensure you achieve year on year profit and client satisfaction, with exponential growth and an appetite for being as risk averse as the shareholders expect. Let us be your actuarial service partners because we started this business so you could be successful in yours.


With so many alternative hypotheses representing observed and measurable real world phenomena, for the decision-making to have purpose, the model must incorporate a set of verifiable mathematical relationships and logical procedures. It has been said that actuarial models are an approximation to reality and how true it is that even though the future can never be guaranteed, we believe that one can pre-empt a future outcome by utilising a system of tried and tested techniques and procedures. You need only look up at the solar system to appreciate that it too has been modelled to allow for its predictive behaviour to guide our daily lives in the formation of the calendar. Our behaviours, though, cannot be described as a closed system like the solar system, rather it is an open system susceptible to change by outside forces. Herewith lies the value in a team of pre-emptive experts who specialise in the science of uncertainty.


There is something about knowing what you are trying to achieve and how you plan on getting there. Would we be going beyond the boundaries of humility to mention that we are fixated on the following characteristics of how we approach our assignments: exact, accurate, correct, error-free, specific, detailed, unambiguous, definitive, particular, inch-perfect, rigorous, strict, methodical, meticulous, careful and clear cut. Actuarial science is any and all of the above.


We aim to provide realistic solutions to complex problems with a long term forward look. It is the application of applied probability and statistics which requires a solid and thorough understanding of the industry and what has or has not worked successfully before in hindsight, in order to realise the vision, which enables our, understandably, risk averse clients to include us in their planning phase in order to achieve their desired outcome. Achieving a credible level of practical actuarial results takes practice. We pride ourselves on the credibility of our team and how much they have added to the industry as a whole.

About Us

Our team of experts offers a comprehensive range of actuarial services founded on a depth of experience acquired locally and globally. Our clients are market leading insurance companies, reinsurers or financial services companies. Virtual Actuaries combine statistical, mathematical and financial techniques within a business framework, utilising technology platforms and advanced analytics to deliver the most pre-emptive, precise and practical solutions. Our key strength is incorporating game-changing technology, industry expertise and independent insightful knowledge to ensure you have the best team of actuaries backing your every move.

Virtual Actuary (Pty) Ltd is a level 2 B-BBEE company. 

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If you consider yourself a Virtual Actuary, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our team of global actuaries are ready to become your new team of global actuarial resources.

Our Services

Below you will find a summary of our comprehensive turnkey actuarial capabilities. In each sector the actuaries are specialists and experts in their field, drawing on years of experience and market insight.

Life Insurance

Whether on the regulatory reporting side of your business, product insight and customer valuations, or if you’re looking to develop some innovative products which need to be designed and priced, we will guide and assist you.


Retirement consulting enables our clients to strike a balance between capital accumulation and retirement benefits for their employees. With our key focus being on design, funding, governance and administration of pension funds, we aim to create an environment of clarity and direction for the corporations or trustees we advise. From the early stage of reassessing the strategy and design, to implementing our actuarial services, the financial management and compliance of the fund will be risk savvy.

Non-Life General Insurance

Within the GI industry we focus on 5 major portfolios, namely: Reserving, Pricing, Risk and Solvency II and Capital Modelling, Advanced Analytics and Telematics.

Wider Fields, Telco and Advanced Analytics

We deliver products that integrate into your business seamlessly; providing insights which positively affect either growth, revenue and/or savings. We strive for results that will become a standard part of your operations and ongoing quest for business excellence.

Our risk management strategy involves high-frequency feedback as well as key data-driven metrics which quantify the potential of the project to be a success at every stage of development.

Our team incorporates experts from cybersecurity, engineering, software development and actuarial; developing custom InsureTech solutions.


Within banking, we have some very sophisticated models which our actuaries have built from the ground up.

We also incorporate Artificial Intelligence utilising our mathematical engineers and statisticians. We’ve opted to include non-actuaries in our banking team as their ability warrants such inclusion. Our banking regulatory insight is at the highest level and our team’s involvement in hands-on application, modelling pre-emptive solutions within various banking institutions, is cutting edge and backed by credible implementation.


Our team of investment actuaries have chaired investment committees at previous employers and would be delighted to discuss your group strategy and vision. Whichever investment portfolio you are looking to get better returns on, our senior team will help you navigate the troubled waters of uncertainty. We are ready to assist with any investment research, investment training, manager due diligences, share or sector analyses, Robo-advice systems, peer review work or building the next revolutionary investment product.


Including pricing, product development, monitoring experience, financial analysis of data, reporting and risk management. We also assist with guidance on legislative and regulatory matters.

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