/Rob Baker

Rob Baker

Overseeing Investments team

Rob started his career in 1994 and qualified FIA 2002. He lectured at UCT; including asset class returns, valuation of securities, economic influences on investment markets, derivatives and alternative investments.

His interest in individual stock selection enables him to carry out due diligences of investment managers from a bottom up perspective. He understands the mechanisms inherent in Social Infrastructure Investment as well as Life Office investment policies including smoothed bonus and with-profit annuities.

Initially Rob Started at Sanlam in Systems Control and then moved to Policy Values where his team calculated whatever the system couldn’t. He next headed the Policy Alterations team at Systems Control, after which he moved to Actuarial Valuations, then on to Employee Benefits where he was product owner and product developer of the pre-retirement smoothed bonus products, multi-managed products, post-retirement annuities – largely with-profit.

Shortly after joining Old Mutual in Sep 2007, he was appointed as Head of their Mandate Management team, responsible for providing investment advice on some R200bn of OMLACSA’s assets, including setting strategic allocations and manager selection, private equity, hedge fund investments, property, Financial Sector Charter Investments and multi-managed investments. Rob also sat on the Equity Boutique Investment Committee, Local Alternatives Investment Committee, Global Alternatives Investment Committee, Policyholder Investment Committee, Financial Sector Charter Committee, as well as being a trustee on the Housing Impact Fund, an alternate director of the Triangle India Fund. Rob was also privy to heading up the Product Mandate Committee.