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Johan Vrolijk


I am a consulting actuary with more than 10 years of experience across a wide range of fields in the actuarial sector, mainly insurance, banking and investments. I am an interactive person who enjoys people, working in teams, a natural problem solver with a strong entrepreneurial and innovating drive. In my spare time, I like to read (particularly science fiction), big fan of the local bands, hiking, range of out-door activities, and a good computer game.

Co-Founder and Managing Member of the Virtual Actuary company. Lead Actuarial Architect and member of Executive Committee of Insurtech Global, the company responsible for developing an award-winning, modern, end-to-end, enterprise modelling platform, in conjuction with Virtual Actuary.

Besides general business development at Virtual Actuary, my currently open projects are:

* At two large insurance clients:
– Actuarial Architect on IFRS 17 program (implementation phase)
– Production of IFRS 17 Blueprint (roadmap, conceptual design phases)
– General policy and methodology setting support on IFRS 17
– IFRS 17 transition effort coordination and implementation

* Large, local bank:
– IFRS 9 driven data analysis and credit model enhancements

Member of the Executive Team of Insurtech Global, the company responsible for developing the StocaC actuarial modelling software, in conjuction with Virtual Actuary. StocaC is a cutting edge, end-to-end, enterprise modeling platform, capable of processing stochastic & nested stochastic calculations with millions of policies and thousands of scenarios with lightning speed and flawless accuracy.

StocaC modelling software won the French Government and Banking Federation Insurtech Finance Innovation Award in 2018