Advanced Analytics as an X factor

At Virtual Actuary, our advanced data analytics team takes your data security extremely seriously. We use end to end encryption, secure and POPIA-compliant storage facilities; which have strict, legally enforceable privacy policies as well as secure data management policies which are resistant to social engineering. Your data will be so safe, you might want to keep it with us.

Our philosophy with advanced data analytics is that the results must affect your bottom line. Vanity metrics and dash boards which do not engage with or enhance business decision making are, at best, a waste of your time and money. We deliver products that integrate into your business seamlessly; providing insights which positively affect either growth, revenue and/or savings. We strive for results that will become a standard part of your operations and ongoing quest for business excellence.

A major part of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence adoption within your business involves risk. Often, the solutions we provide have never been done before and this is the nature of innovation. As such, our risk management strategy involves high-frequency feedback (typically every week) as well as key data driven metrics which quantify the potential of the project to be a success (from a return on investment perspective) at every stage of development.

Our team has an eclectic skill set and has experience from a wide range of industries. From cybersecurity, marketing and advertising, engineering and software development to private equity and strategy consulting. We offer a mature, fully-featured, and extremely technically skilled service. We have developed algorithms that optimise advertising spend and customer lead acquisition, we have engineered automatic pricing systems, we can infer proprietary information using only publicly available data and have expertise in automatic fraud detection methods.

Our goal is to assist you with your journey through the 21st century’s industrial revolution and to partner with you in delivering world-class value to your customers and shareholders.

We are proud to design and implement financially and ethically responsible artificial intelligence products.

Global consulting resources at your fingertips

We have assembled a truly global team of very experienced actuaries who have the knowledge and capabilities to partner with you in any project you see as top priority. The experience provided above encompasses the vast knowledge of some of our actuaries and enables us to start a conversation about where you are headed and how we can help you get there. Each assignment is most certainly unique just like your very own business. There are 2 major things we see as differentiating you from your competition. Firstly the products you have available and secondly how you manage those products. Efficiency and reliability is never a zero-sum game but rather a series of management decisions utilising the resources you have, to achieve your desired outcome. Every golfer needs a top-class caddy and we have been walking the fairways of this industry; knowing which obstacles to avoid and from where to try and hit the green. As a new turnkey actuarial services provider, we are only 10% busy at the moment which allows us to spend 90% of our effort to make you more efficient.

Your performance before vs after Virtual Actuary is involved

A – Things were going so well until we moved into all those other countries

B – I think I’m going to give Virtual Actuary a call

C – Having the extra capacity is really empowering the other staff

D – Now this is the vision for where my business should be headed

Why choose us?

Virtual Actuary is a level 2 BEE service provider with a team of experienced actuaries who have a thorough insight into the South African insurance industry. Collectively our in house skill set incorporates over 40 actuaries who have each in their own right reached the highest level within their respective previous employers

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