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IFRS17 Services we offer

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IFRS17 policy and methodology

  • We can provide a list of IFRS17 policy and methodology choices that you have to make
  • Drafting of P&M papers
  • P&M investigations and Impact assessment of various P&M choices

IFRS17 architectural design and business requirements

  • Identifying new components required
  • Identifying existing components that can be leveraged
  • Drafting a target operating model under the new IFRS17 environment

IFRS17 vendor assessments

  • Assisting with drafting requests for proposals to IFRS17 vendors
  • Summarising the architectural components offered by various vendors from vendor proposals
  • Proposing combinations of components from various vendors that will fill the gaps in your current systems architecture

IFRS17 vendor implementation (configuration and validation)

  • Assisting with understanding data input requirements
  • Assisting with the initial transformation of data to vendor input requirements
  • Assisting with configuration of the system
  • Drafting testing strategies for user acceptance testing
  • Hands-on help with automating the functional testing process

IFRS17 data transformations & ETL automation

  • Building robust data staging platforms
  • Assisting with establishing the logic required to transform company data to vendor specific input formats
  • Automating data transformations with the latest software on the market


IFRS17 CSM prototype model builds

  • We offer ready to use CSM prototype models
  • We can also assist with building CSM prototype models
  • We can assist with leveraging current models you have internally to develop your own CSM prototype models

IFRS17 transition software (to automate transition calculations)

  • Assistance with developing a transition strategy
  • Assistance with managing the data required for transition calculations
  • We provide ready to use software which can automate the IFRS17 roll-forward calculations from inception to transition date


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