What we do

Actuarial, Insurance & Risk, Investments and Advanced Analytics services

Our team of experts offers a comprehensive range of actuarial services founded on a depth of experience acquired locally and globally. Our clients are market-leading insurance companies, reinsurers or financial services companies. Virtual Actuaries combine statistical, mathematical and financial techniques within a business framework, utilising technology platforms and advanced analytics to deliver the most pre-emptive, precise and practical solutions. Our key strength is incorporating game-changing technology, industry expertise and independent insightful knowledge to ensure you have the best team of actuaries backing your every move.

Our focus is enabling our clients to improve their processes, innovate their industry and be more efficient and profitable. Sophisticated and technical actuarial consulting, is developed with years of experience. There are no short cuts to being risk-averse and as innovative as the insuretech space might be, you can rest assured the collective knowledge and market insight within our various teams is of the highest standard backed by years of experience and reliability. Our actuarial credibility is our most celebrated achievement.

For each individual assignment, our highly skilled actuaries/ experts work efficiently and collaboratively to ensure the work is of the highest standard. Our sector CEOs are some of the most respected professionals in their field, sharing a common goal: Efficient & insightful assessment and analysis, an impeccable eye-to-detail work ethic, innovation, forward-thinking data collection points and bringing it all together through ongoing monitoring, support and professional service implementation. Our value proposition sees our consultants being an actuarial support arm to the local actuaries working within direct or reinsurance businesses. Our extensive network within the market enables us to be at arms-length to the senior business leaders, strategizing with them about their global expansion plans and aiding them in handling the actuarial capacity needed. Our pricing structure empowers our client partners to action their plans and see us as long term colleagues.

All our efforts lead to our guiding principle of doing work that makes a substantial, positive contribution to our clients and their businesses, their customers and the communities they serve. Each of the actuaries who form part of Virtual Actuary have their own stories of exceptional success and dedication towards achievement. They have earned their experience one project at a time. Our sector-specific teams comprise almost entirely of qualified actuaries who have held various positions of responsibility at the highest levels within market-leading corporations. A business is only as strong as its people and for this reason we feel confident Virtual Actuary is truly a consultancy with one of the most extensive actuarial service offerings available globally. With the Actuary code guiding the way in which we approach every assignment, we are delighted to be here to manage yours.

Virtual Actuary is proud to be a level 2 BEE service provider.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have our clients become our valued life long business partners as we navigate the complex world of quality actuarial services. The focus is outperforming the industry standard and establishing ourselves as a credible source of top calibre actuarial support and capacity. As a leaner actuarial services business, we are free to utilize technology partners whose products are newer and more efficient. With our team’s years of experience and industry credibility, we eliminate inefficient resources and focus on delivering the very highest quality of work, quickly and reliably.

Our Values

What guides our values in how we work and behave:

  • Do as I do and not as I say. We are the example
  • Each individual we deal with is unique
  • Our collaborative approach is our strength
  • We’ll try to give you the honest news in a nice way
  • The truth is in the data but the application is forward thinking
  • We know your business stands for more than just business as usual
  • Credible, honest insight

Our Mission

We aim to relieve the ever increasing pressure you face in global expansion, while at the same time ensuring you have a service provider which can be relied upon no matter what the request. We aim to offer innovative solutions to your complex challenges while meeting your expected deadline for work submission. Consider us your colleagues in the office next door. Our door is always open.

Why choose Virtual Actuary

Most of our actuaries have held positions of the highest level at their respective previous employers. They appreciate the value they have added in some of the most respected companies in South Africa. It is time for them to be Virtual Actuaries and see the client as their priority. No pressure to hit their yearly target; no unrealistic expectations from group exco. Just quality actuarial service provided timeously and with a maturity of years of experience. As an actuarial consulting business, our in-house turnkey offering has collectively been servicing the industry since the 1990’s. With an ability to advise on countless projects, we are delighted to assist in meeting the ever-increasing demand for skilled capacity.

Your data is secure

The data we store uses end-to-end encryption. This ensures the security of your data is treated with the highest priority. The servers we use encrypt every file and relevant metadata with unique, randomly generated encryption keys. Accessing the files we store on these servers is only available with a unique private decryption key. When our teams collaborate, the unique keys are shared automatically ensuring a smooth and secure environment. As an additional measure none of the files we store can be modified without our knowledge. If they are tampered with, the system will trigger a message notifying us that something has been compromised. Our web-based sharing solution enables sharing files and folders securely with any of our clients. This includes password protection, download limit and expiry date for any confidential data. The data centers we utilise are audited for ISO27001:2005, SSAE 16 and several other certificates and are POPIA compliant. Our 2-Step verification system on data stored is an additional measure we feel you’d expect from a security conscious service provider.

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