With lockdown changing the way we work, and many starting new ventures, we sought Adi’s advice.

Adi Kaimowitz has been through it all. As founder and CEO of Virtual Actuary, he knows the trials and tribulations of starting a business and a successful one at that. Virtual Actuary is a team of experts which offer a comprehensive range of actuarial services, founded on a depth of experience acquired locally and globally. Today, their clients are market-leading insurance companies, reinsurers and financial services companies.

With lockdown changing the way we work, and many starting new ventures, we sought Adi’s advice. Here are five quick tips to keep in mind before you get going.

1. Take one step at a time.

“The way I approach growing my business is similar to how one approaches sculpting a body,” he says. “The key is one session at a time and one small victory at a time.Giving every session your all. This is the way to achieve compounded success as a business person of building your network of clients and service providers.

“It’s the 50 phone calls you are making daily that will add up over the next 3 months, for you to truly see massive gain. Don’t think too much about it, just start doing. There is unfortunately no ‘one big event’ or ‘one big client’ which will catapult you to success. Aim for 18 big clients and then you’ll be on your way.”

2. All you need is you.

“Understand that you do not need to rely on anybody but yourself. The you-as-a-brand world we are in at the moment, says that if you portray yourself as dependable, knowledgeable and a play maker in your industry, people will buy from you because they trust you. They believe you will deliver as promised, because you are the brand they are buying from,” says the 42-year-old.

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“Gone are the days people care what your company is called. The sooner you realise you are the brand, the sooner you’ll start to act as a brand. If buying stock to get started is an issue, and I’m sure it is these days, put together a document which stipulates that you will find buyers for a supplier of certain products or services.”

Pro tip: “Stipulate, however, that they are restricted from engaging directly with your client and sidestepping you. You can even get them to invoice directly, so the payments are not too complicated. This new partnership benefits the supplier as much as it benefits you. Congratulations, you now operate a consortium.”

3. Sacrifice your social life.

“Today could be  your day to make a life changing decision,” says Adi. “Do you want to have a robust social life with all the bells and whistles or do you want to be a successful business person, who doesn’t need to worry about month end bills? I do not believe you can have both, unless you have family funnelling you money.

“Your choice is either: you live for the daytime or you live for the night time. Real winners are in bed by 23h00, they wake up feeling fresh and ready to handle any challenge which comes their way.”

4. Your online persona means everything.

“If you haven’t realised it by now, your online persona says everything potential clients or a new employer need to know about you. This means your posts should be positive and upbeat,” he says. “Having the freedom to say something is very powerful. Use this power wisely. Keep in mind that complaining about things and poking the fire on topical issues is not a smart look.

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“You spent your life building up and nurturing a network. Rather be known as the type of person who always says nice things and sees the good in everything. Even if deep down you are angry, be professional instead of hanging your washing out publicly. There are many things I’d like to be honest about online, but I hold myself back because where I’m headed, I know it will come back to bite me. If you think by not posting negative stuff you are boring, possibly your perspective just needs a chiropractor.”

5. Get marketing.

And finally, know this, never in the history of business, has there been a better time to market yourself and your products online. At the click of a button, you can get your message across to thousands of people. Pull out a camera, film funky experiences. Show the world all the wonderful things you have in your life.

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