On this episode of the Meet the Marketeers podcast, we chat about New Age Marketing Strategies with Adi Kaimowitz from Virtual Actuary – plus news and insight from the only marketing podcast on the internet. 

The News
2:50 – The wrong and the real of marketing effectiveness
11:38 – Consumers’ brains are wired to ignore you – here’s what you can do about it

Deep-Dive on New Age Marketing Strategies
20:11 – Introduction to New Age Marketing Strategies
27:10 – How do you make sure your business has a story to tell?
30:38 – Syncing a database across multiple platforms
34:00 – The best way to fast-track interaction
38:21 – Adi’s new marketing book
40:57 – Using a long-term approach to marketing, but keeping investors happy
47:33 – 5 Things I learnt about business while kitesurfing


Listen to the podcast here