Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media speaks to National Business Award finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year, Adi Kaimowitz – CEO and founder of Virtual Actuary.

In this week’s Business Unusual podcast, Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media, speaks to Adi about digitising consulting processes, changing the way we have been doing things and implementing digital changes going forward.

Key takeaways to listen out for in this podcast:

1. The importance of reinventing your business, especially during COVID

2. Making sure you retain your loyal clients through service excellence

3. How you can grow internationally and scale appropriately

4. Going back to the “new basics” in the “new normal” – how to make sure you understand your market

5. Being stuck in the ‘more’ mentality can be dangerous. There is something to be said for appreciating what we have in the present moment, regardless of how little it is.

Adi’s bio – courtesy of his website

Adi Kaimowitz is the CEO and co-founder of Virtual Actuary. Together with his wife Aliya and a group of experienced actuaries he formed the first virtual actuarial consulting business servicing insurers, reinsurers, banks and financial institutions. Adi has 10 years’ experience in the actuarial industry having previously worked as a recruiter for actuaries. His skill set spans marketing, IT and operations and together with his team have taken on more than 40 clients in their first year. In January 2019 Adi opened the US subsidiary of Virtual Actuary and formed a Software as a Service Joint Venture with US-based Insurtech Global, an award- winning Insurtech actuarial modelling software developer. Adi developed the Virtual Actuary business model which is an organised collaborative of actuaries and the business has been referred to as “the Uber of Actuaries”. Virtual Actuary has partnered with a leading Virtual Reality hardware manufacturer in the US and is currently developing the Virtual Reality platform which will take the business and the actuarial industry into a global virtual consulting era.